Homeschool Unit Study Schedule for Year 2


Are you looking for a fun way to introduce science and social studies unit studies into your homeschool calendar? Remove the burden of planning by following my easy-to-follow lessons! My Year 2 lessons are geared toward 3rd-4th grade level children and their siblings. These are lessons I created to do with a weekly homeschool co-op. We meet each week for 2 ½ hours and have 14 children between the ages of 1-13. Use these fun lessons with your classroom, family, or co-op!

Native Americans (4 Weeks)

Hunt for arrowheads, build tepees, paint totem poles, draw Pueblo chalk drawings, present on specific Native American tribes, and more during this fun four week hands on study of Native Americans.


Five Senses (4 Weeks)

Build a crawl-through ear as you study hearing, play scales on water glasses as you study music and sound, dissect a cow eye ball as you study sight, try to identify mystery objects simply by their smell, present on various aspects of the five senses, and more during this four week hands-on study of the five senses.

Five Senses

Westward Expansion & Pioneers (4 weeks)

Fry up Daniel Boone’s favorite fried chicken recipe and talk a walk outdoors in search of tracks and you study frontiersmen and tracking. Dramatize the purchase of Louisiana from France and more as you study Lewis and Clark! Build a pioneer wagon and the transcontinental railroad. Pan for “gold” and deliver mail on the pony express (using bicycles rather than horses). Wrap up the unit on Westward Expansion and pioneers with a wagon roundup dinner and presentations on various frontiersmen and pioneers.

lesson plan

Astronomy (4 Weeks)

Make planet pizzas as you study planets, form the lunar phases using Oreo cookies as you study the moon, study and paint Van Gogh’s “Starry Night ” as you study stars, build and blast off rockets as you study space exploration, make presentations on individual planets, and more during this hands on unit study on the solar system.

Solar System

Leonardo da Vinci (3 Weeks)

Recreate and test Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, begin an observation journal, apply his art techniques, enjoy a Florentine meal, and more in this fun 3 part unit study on Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Scientist, & Inventor.

leonardo da vinci

Animal Classification (5 Weeks)

Examine pond water and yeast cells under a microscope, test out various insect mouths, dissect a fish, create an egg model, perform a play about mammals, present on a specific animal phylum or genius, and more during this five week unit study on animal classification!
Taxonomy Animal Classification and Invertebrates Lesson Plan

Inventions & Simple Machines (6 Weeks)

Race cars down ramps as you study inclined planes and wedges, build and test catapults as you study levers and screws, create waterwheels as you study wheels and axles, lift each other using pulleys as you study gears and pulleys, use static electricity lift hair and separate salt and pepper as you study electricity, devise Rube Goldberg machines to place toothpaste on a toothbrush without touching either one, present on famous inventors, and more during this exciting hands-on unit study on simple machines and inventions!
lesson plan