My Unit Study Journey Through Konos Volume II


Are you using Konos or curious about what the hands-on unit studies look like in real life? Here are my pictures, lessons, & advice, that describe our adventures as we roll up our sleeves and have F-U-N while learning! I have divided my Konos co-op lessons in the order presented in Konos Curriculum Volume II. You can follow along whether you’re in a co-op or just doing Konos with only your family.


Explorers and Navigation

Build Viking shields and swords and “sail” to Vineland with Leif Erikson, walk the route of Marco Polo (through your house) and collect the items that he saw on his journey through China, go on a compass treasure hunt, dramatize Columbus’ journey, make Da Gama Portuguese land markers, create Montezuma’s headdress, go on a conquistador hunt for gold, bake constellation bar cookies, dress up as and present on famous explorers, and more during this unit study on Explorers!

Homeschool Unit on Marco Polo and Lief Erickson

Earth Science

Make an edible model of the earth as you study the Earth’s layers, bake cookies that demonstrate how sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks form, create fossil casts, build marshmallow structures that can withstand a jell-o earthquake, carve gullies and valleys in sand using wind, water, and ice, make presentations on various aspects of the Earth, and more during this hands-on unit study of Earth Science!



Make tornadoes and clouds in a bottle, create and use rain gauges, dramatize a storm front, form a cloud mural, bake snowball cookies, and more during this exciting 4 week unit on weather and meteorology!



Dramatize the mummification process, carve clay cartouches, eat a Tuareg-style meal, act out an Ashanti tale, dramatize the historic gold and salt trades centered in Ghana, Paint watercolor paintings of the animals of the Congo, make Nigerian-style tie-dye shirts, hunt like a Pygmy and act out the Pygmy Honey Dance, enjoy an Ethiopian-style feast, create Zulu shields, and more!



Cook an Australian meal, create Aboriginal crafts, watch YouTube clips on Australia, and more in the one week lesson on Australia!



Analyze fingerprints and hair samples, take mug shots, solve a real crime, and more!



Early Settlers

Build a waddle and daub house like they did in Jamestown, create pilgrim costumes, set up a beaver trading post as you study Dutch settlers, cook a batch of William Penn’s applesauce, perform a play on the Pilgrims, eat a semi-authentic Thanksgiving feast, and more during this fun unit study on Early American Settlers.

lesson plan



Act out a nativity play, make edible Christmas gifts, form salt dough Jess Tree ornaments, and more!



American Revolution

Make tricorn hats and mob caps, “brew” root beer with Samuel Adams, hold a tea party as you study the Boston Tea Party, reenact the Battles of Lexington and Concord, make ink and quill pens in order to sign the Declaration of Independence, cook hasty pudding, drill with Baron von Steuben as you study Valley Forge, write a secret code and seal it with wax as you study Benedict Arnold, present on the people of the American War for Independence, and more during this exciting unit study!

American Revolution


U.S. Constitution & Presidents

Dance a minuet, cook and eat Nelly’s Hoecakes, go on a “fox hunt,” create the three branches of the Constitution, and more during this lesson on President George Washington and the Constitution!

George Washington