My Unit Study Journey Through Konos Volume III and Russia: Land of Endurance


Are you using Konos or curious about what the hands-on unit studies look like in real life? Here are my pictures and lessons that describe our adventures as we roll up our sleeves and haveF-U-N while learning! I have divided my Konos co-op lessons in the order presented in the Konos Volume III and Russia: land of Endurance. You can follow along even if you’re doing these lessons with only your family. If you’d like to know how you can start your own homeschool co-op, check out my lens: How to Start a Homeschool Co-op.


Bees (1 week)

Dance like a bee, make edible bees using honey balls, use cheese balls and and juice boxes to dramatize pollination, create pipe cleaner bees and have them fly to the tune of Flight of the Bumblebee, and more in this fun, hands-on lesson on bees!


Systems of the Body (7 weeks)

Create edible DNA models, made models of the insides of bones, dissect deer organs, create a working model of the respiratory system, play immune system freeze tag, and more in this 7 week unit on anatomy of the human body!


States and Regions (9 weeks)

Cook and eat regional foods, play rodeo games, enjoy a luau, dance zydeco, celebrate a Southwest Fiesta, and more while studying the 50 States of the United States. Since there were so many great resources we found for each individual state, I’ve also created a webpage featuring our favorite books, YouTube clips, lapbook pages, & more for each state. You can find the links for each state at the link at the bottom of this section “Teaching the 50 States of America.”

new england


Great Feats: Bridges (2 weeks)

Build grape and toothpick truss bridges, piece together a play-doh arch bridge, act out the forces involved in bridge building and suspension bridges, paint famous bridges, hold a bridge-building contest, and more during this 2 week unit on bridges!


Expeditions (3 weeks)

Make ocean floor pies, carry “eggs” like a penguin, sketch Mount Everest, compete in a “Base Camp” relay race, prepare and eat pemmican, and more in the exciting 3 week adventure as we explore the poles of the Earth, the heights of the mountains, and the depths of the oceans!



Atomic Research (3 weeks)

This module features the books and YouTube video clips we found most helpful during our 3 week unit on atomic research/chemistry. Also included are some photos of our activities and experiments.



Frontier Life (4 weeks)

Fry up Daniel Boone’s favorite fried chicken recipe and take a walk outdoors in search of tracks and you study frontiersmen and tracking. Dramatize the purchase of Louisiana from France and more as you study Lewis and Clark! Build a pioneer wagon and the transcontinental railroad. Pan for “gold” and deliver mail on the pony express (using bicycles rather than horses). Wrap up the unit on Westward Expansion and pioneers with a wagon roundup dinner and presentations on various frontiersmen and pioneers.

lesson plan

Inventions, Simple Machines, & Electricity (6 weeks)

Race cars down ramps as you study inclined planes and wedges, build and test catapults as you study levers and screws, create waterwheels as you study wheels and axles, lift each other using pulleys as you study gears and pulleys, use static electricity lift hair and separate salt and pepper as you study electricity, devise Rube Goldberg machines to place toothpaste on a toothbrush without touching either one, present on famous inventors, and more during this exciting hands-on unit study on simple machines and inventions!

lesson plan



Cook borscht and blini, study and paint like the famous artists of Russia, perform a miniature “Nutcracker” ballet performance, dramatize a Communist lunch (complete with sentencing to “Siberia” for the non-compliant), and more in the fun 8 part study on Russia!